Slipstream Financial provides the TEMs and freight auding industry with the frame work and infrastructure to add vendor payments to your suite of customer offerings. Our cloud based solution was designed from the ground up to provide design flexibility and workflow customization to almost any level in less than 90 days...guaranteed.

Slipstream prides itself in one of the highest vendor participation levels in virtual card payments with vendor enrollment as high as 85%. With no lower dollar limits on card payments, our team works tirelessly to constantly improve your monthly rebate income. When cards are not an option, our portal provides an easy way to enroll vendors into our ACH program to significantly reduce check processing.

Additional features include: single file submittal, SFTP or drag-n-drop file transfer, auto payment type selection, same day transactions, application customizations, detailed payment remittances, and super service.

Our Slipstream Payments Portal provides sign-ons and views for four levels of companies. If your organization manages multiple companies and holding companies and you need access flexibility, Payment Hub provides it.

Key Value Adds

  • Custom workflows to manage aduits & payments
  • 100% payment execution, no payment is too small
  • Turn operations into a profit center
  • Bring more value to your customers and keep them longer

Payment types include

  • Virtual Card Payments (creates new revenue stream)
  • Enhanced ACH
  • Same Day Payments
  • Checks
  • FedNow

Slipstreams payment gateway takes your entire payment file and manages the best way to execute your payments based on your settings.

You are always in charge with multi-level approvals by dollar amount which can be changed by an administrator in a moment’s notice.



group-of-smiling-business-people-having-a-roundtab diverse-group-of-businesspeople-looking-at-camera
  • Approve payments anywhere - anytime
  • Cloud-Based, Secure Electronic Payment Gateway
  • Process: Real time payments, Virtual Card Payments, Enhanced ACH, Wires
  • Same Day Settlement
  • E-mailed Remittance Advice to Vendor Payee
  • Vendor Bank Information Managed by Slipstream to Eliminate Your Liability
  • Check Processing Print & Mail
  • Print Checks Securely and On-Demand
  • Fast and Simple Integration
  • No Gateway Fees or Software Licenses to Buy
  • No Revisions Required in Your ERP System
  • Comprehensive Invoice Routing & Approval Workflow Option

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