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Move your payment process to a more efficient workflow while making your AP department a profit center. Slipstream Financial's payment gateway creates a revenue stream while processing your payments in real-time. Our Master Card based virtual card program creates a revenue stream from our vendors offsetting the cost of the payment types you use.

Our real-time gateway is a sophisticated platform that takes your entire payment file and makes decisions on payment type based on your settings. Our online approval portal can be accessed anytime– anywhere by multiple approvers and managers.

Your vendors will love it too. Our payment hub includes a vendor portal that provides vendors up to date payment status and invoice history for easy reconciliation and reduces incoming calls to your accounts payable department.


Slipstream Financial provides electronic payment solutions to fit any situation. We provide the most flexibility in payments and make the implementation a breeze. No need to change your current processes or have IT make programing changes. Our payment gateway has proprietary applications which automatically converts old legacy payment files to electronic payments.

Slipstream can move companies to 95% electronic with hardly lifting a finger. With more options to pay, you can tailor your payment type depending on the vendor.

Corporate Account Benefits

  • Virtual Card Payments (creates new revenue stream)
  • Enhanced ACH
  • Same Day Payments
  • Checks (locally printed or outsourced)

Slipstreams payment gateway takes your entire payment file and manages the best way to execute your payments based on your settings. You are always in charge with multi-level approvals by dollar amount which can be changed by an administrator in a moment’s notice.


Key Features for Corporate Clients

  • Approve payments anywhere - anytime
  • Cloud-Based, Secure Electronic Payment Gateway
  • Process: Real time payments, Virtual Payments, Enhanced ACH, Wires
  • Same Day Settlement
  • E-mailed Remittance Advice to Vendor Payee
  • Vendor Bank Information Managed by Slipstream to Eliminate Your Liability
  • Check Processing Print & Mail
  • Print Checks Securely and On-Demand (at corporate or remote sites)
  • Fast and Simple Integration
  • No Gateway Fees or Software Licenses to Buy
  • No Revisions Required in Your ERP System
  • Comprehensive Invoice Routing & Approval Workflow Option

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